This is a first for Sandton Dental Studio and myself, so don’t expect a Editor level newsletter the first time round, but I will try my best to keep you informed and entertained with things that are happening in the Dental world on a patient level.

It is obvious that technology is taking over everywhere, in Dentistry as well. Yes CadCam, 3D and Digital are all terms that should be part of every Dental practice that want to provide patients with a “current” standard of Dental treatment. But let’s think ahead here! What is next? What is the next best thing? What could make a visit to the Dentist less scary and less painful?

I attended a interesting congress hosted by the Digital Dentistry Association of South Africa recently in Melrose. A guy walking around with sneakers and dressed up in a suit, presenting his lecture from his mobile phone, was the lecture that got stuck in my head. He was not a Dentist or anything associated with any form of medical industry, but a guy with a vision of how the future of Dentistry could change and probably will change. He motivated me, got into my head, and now causing me to lose sleep because I am excited and scared at the same time of what is possible.

People implementing these changes are not us, it is people using technology, I like to call them “Technologists”. They are clever, one step ahead, not thinking about things like we are medically trained to think like. Do we work with them or against them? X-Ray machines that self diagnose, Dental chairs that calm you down or sedate you just enough to get you through the procedure, machines that drill out cavities or do a crown procedure unassisted by a human.

These times are here followers!

Until next time…