To Our Patients

To ensure your and our own safety during these times, please read through this carefully.

Protocol at Sandton Dental Studio to fight cross contamination of COVID-19:

  1. We will screen you before a booking is made. Based on travel and contact history we can refuse treatment on you.
  2. We don’t shake hands.
  3. On entrance you will receive a mask that will only be removed once treatment starts.
  4. Hands to be disinfected on entering the premises.
  5. Before any treatment is done you will be asked to rinse with an Antimicrobial mouthwash.
  6. Please come to us alone without anybody accompanying you that is not booked for treatment.
  7. Each alternating room gets aired before and after treatment with a rest period in between.
  8. We book only one patient per hour to prevent any contact with other patients.
  9. We can ask you to wait outside if we are still busy with a previous treatment.
  10. We use Personal protection equipment in the form of masks, gowns, visors, goggles and appropriate clothing that gets changed to ensure your and our safety.
  11. Treatment is limited to Non-Aerosol generating procedures.
  12. High Vacuum suction will be used at all times.

We apologize in advance if you feel we treat you as a contaminated person, but this is to ensure your safety and the patient after you as well.


Dr Wynand van der Merwe


Tel: 011 326 5153 / 011 783 8599 / 082 692 4495

Cell: 072 645 6454 (Emergency)

Cell: 082 703 4176 (Emergency)


Unit 6 Upper Level
Grayston Shopping Centre
Cnr Helen Rd and Grayston Drive
Johannesburg, Gauteng


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