Dr. Wynand v.d. Merwe


Wynand, once determined to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a farmer, soon realised a new dream and chose the Joburg skyline instead of the wide open spaces of his childhood. His interest in dentistry, sparked by his own experience as a teenager having orthodontics, soon became his passion. Never shy to acknowledge true beauty or a tasteful design, his fine eye combined with painful perfection has created some gorgeous smiles.

Wynand obtained his Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Pretoria and continued expanding his knowledge by completing a diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry during his Community service year. He joined a Cosmetic practice in Gauteng through which he was introduced to modern digital dentistry. Soon realising the role of technology in the modern dental practice he further qualified himself as an internationally certified Cerec trainer, teaching other dentists the art of CAD/CAM Dentistry. Progression through implementing new techniques and technologies is the standard at which he operates.

An avid cyclist, down time is spent outdoors on his mountain bike and ever so often enjoying the speed of a race car on the track. Other interests include good wine, 4×4 and photography.

He is passionate about his work, dedicated to always deliver his best and therefore, one of the best in the industry.

Yolandie Chalmers


Yolandie has been working as an oral hygienist since 2011 at various private practices. She is originally from Polokwane before she moved to Gauteng in 2009.

She found her passion and has focussed on cosmetic dentistry since she qualified from the University of Pretoria.
She is an empathetic person who cares about others and will always go the extra mile. She has a great common knowledge as she is continuously reading and learning. Yolandie loves to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. She loves to travel the world and see new places.

She is a detailed person, this with her passion for dentistry makes her a valued member of the team.

Anina Naudé


Anina is a dental assistant that grew up in a small town in the North West Countryside. She moved to Johannesburg 6 years ago and has been working as a Somatologist for the past 7 years.

Her compassion for people and interest in the medical field made it easy for her to pursue a career in Dentistry.

Anina enjoys Mountain biking, the outdoors and spending time with Family. She believes that if you are passionate about life, you can achieve anything..