When you have a cavity or a bad area on a tooth, it needs to be removed, to prevent tooth loss.

However, when the cavity is removed the space has to be filled with a Ceramic filling (also known as an inlay or onlay depending on the size. There are three types of fillings – ceramic, composite and amalgam. Amalgam fillings (also sometimes called silver fillings) contain mercury, which is a toxic chemical, so silver fillings are rarely used in dentistry today. Dr van der Merwe only recommend Ceramic (Cerec) fillings, both for new cavities and as a replacement for any existing silver fillings. Aside from the health benefits, Ceramic fillings are also tooth-colored, so they’re barely visible. If you have silver fillings, please contact us today. In most cases, silver fillings are not worth the health risks. (See Research page for articles). All our Ceramic fillings are manufactured from Ivoclar and Dentsply Sirona materials.